Our Story

In the heart of Ai-Arizon, we are dedicated to revolutionizing facility management with cutting-edge technology at its core – the driving force behind thriving and innovative spaces. Our commitment to innovation and operational excellence is evident as we partner with high-end residential and commercial properties, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to create seamless experiences that elevate environments to new heights.

Our journey extends to Gujarat, where we collaborate with developers, builders, cooperative societies, and communities, harnessing advanced technological solutions to transform challenges into innovative solutions. Guided by a team of tech-savvy property and asset management professionals, we ensure that every space we touch embodies the promise of exceptional facility management driven by the latest technological advancements.


At AI-Arizon, we're dedicated to ensuring every property, regardless of size, taps into the unparalleled advantages of advanced integrated facility management technology. Our mission is to break barriers, making cutting-edge facility management accessible to all. We're here to redefine standards, providing top-tier services that elevate your property to unprecedented heights of success.

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About the Founder

Ruchik Bhatt, the visionary behind Ai-Arizon, is more than a founder; he's an architect of change within the facility management landscape. With a career enriched by experiences at industry giants like JLL and Cushman & Wakefield, Ruchik brings to the forefront a profound understanding of how meticulously managed spaces can transform experiences.

However, Ruchik's journey is deeply rooted in his hometown of Ahmedabad. Fuelled by a passion to enrich Gujarat's spaces with superior facility management, he embarked on a mission to weave innovation into the fabric of every building and facility. Ruchik's journey isn't just about managing spaces; it's about curating environments that resonate with excellence. With a heart that beats for every facility, his pursuit is to ensure that every corner of Gujarat experiences the benefits of expert facility management, one space at a time.

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